Food Trucks in Durango, CO

Food Trucks in Durango, CO

Durango is well-known for the restaurants that line Main Street and are scattered throughout the city. Many are locally owned and operated, offering unique and regional dishes while others offer American eats accompanied by homemade beverages. Food trucks are no exception to the flavor that they add to Durango.


Food Truck Courts

These collaborations of food trucks allow a common seating area where patrons can enjoy their chosen meal. Since Durango features four seasons, indoor and outdoor seating is made available to enjoy a warm sunny day or keep warm when it’s snowing. Food truck courts provide a collaboration of local businesses as well as convenience for customers to dine together while enjoying a variety of flavors.


11th Street Station

The location has served as an auto shop, gas station, church, bank, and shop throughout the 1900s. Today, it’s a culinary collective of food trucks creating 11th Street Station and Ernie’s Bar. Nearly ten businesses occupy the spaces and add to the diverse array of meal options. You can find homemade pizza, rice bowls, Thai cuisine, smoothie bowls, and more alongside a coffee drink from the in house cafe or a mixed drink from the house bar. The corner lot right on Main Street offers a great gathering place and often hosts events and live music.


Lola’s Place

A chic meeting location on 2nd Avenue, a part of the Leland House, Lola’s Place offers Mexican and Japanese food options. Waffles, tacos, ramen, and more delicious meals can be enjoyed here. Lola’s Place Coffee & Tea and Bar features local brews and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. This spot can be booked for both public and private parties, perfect for a quaint gathering.


Union Social House

This North Main gathering place, Union Social House, provides a friendly and welcoming environment filled with board games, arcade games, and yard games to enjoy. Their bar offers handcrafted cocktails and mocktails to pair with wood fired pizza and momos (Himalayan dumplings) from the food trucks out back.


Other Durango Food Trucks

Chef Safari brings an African Fusion to Durango in his food truck offering African staples like samosas, curry, and kabobs as well as American classics like mac & cheese and fish & chips with some added African flavors. Anarchy Brewing is host to the Chalkboard Kitchen with menu items including shishito peppers, cheese curds, wings, and a variety of sandwiches. Food trucks like The Container and Back Country Gourmet can be found as the primary food source at establishments Ska Brewing and The Nugget, respectively. More food trucks such as Elevated Eats, Soup Palette, and Taqueria La Costa can be found at a variety of locations around town.


Needless to say, food trucks only add the flavorful food culture in Durango. Supporting local businesses like these is just one of the components we love about the community. If you have any questions about dining in Durango, please contact us.

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