Home Gyms

Home Gyms

The benefits of exercise surpass the physical as studies show increased mental state, decreased disease risks, and heightened ability to do everyday activities. Many gym-goers and non-gym-goers alike have turned the spare bedroom into their own workout room. 

The Workouts

To aid this home hack, many personal trainers, yoga teachers, and app developers have taken advantage of technology to be able to still reach audiences from afar. Equipment like the Peloton Bike, Lululemon’s Mirror, and the Tonal Smart Home Gym are hot commodities due to the motivating routines and community oriented programs. However, you don’t need to invest in one of these machines to get a workout at home.

The Home Gym

Starting with the space, you want to pick an area with good ventilation and lighting with space to put in a mirror and floor mats. You also want to make sure the ceiling provides enough height so you don’t hit it when stretching or doing jumping jacks! You don’t need an entire room dedicated to the gym but rather a shared space in an oversized bathroom, office, garage, or even the driveway or yard outside for the warmer months.

Regan Szczepanowska, a New York personal trainer, noted these items as equipment must-haves: mat, resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine ball, foam roller, kettlebells, and a workout bench. Having a TV and/or sound system can be nice to have while larger workout machines are optional depending on what exercises are being done.

No matter your level of experience in the gym, having access to your own equipment at whatever time you can put aside is a great investment and doesn’t have to be as expensive as one might think. Please let us know if you have questions regarding local fitness classes or revamping a room in your house to include a home gym.


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