Home Security

Home Security

Technology is ever changing and there are now multiple options for security cameras, door locks, home comfort, and much more. Many of these can also be controlled from afar through smart phones!


After buying a new home, changing the door locks is a simple yet effective step to securing your new home. By doing this, you can assure you know exactly who has a key, or upgrade to a key pad entry. Technology called geofencing allows auto unlock/locking mechanisms for even more security and convenience.


Interior and exterior video cameras have become very common. Not only can you keep track of who’s coming in or out of your home, you can also see wildlife that comes for a visit! Many people are now posting on local community forums so you can monitor what’s happening near you.


Ensuring smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working, having fire extinguishers on hand as well as a comprehensive first aid kit, and stashing flashlights in accessible locations are easy ways to be prepared for emergencies. Surge protectors and smart plugs can also add a level of protection against lightning strikes.


These are just a few additions you can change or add to your home to protect your investment. Please let us know how we can help you feel secure in your new home.

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