Moving Dos and Don’ts

Moving Dos and Don’ts

Moving day has arrived; it’s time to recruit some friends, rent a moving truck, and make the move! Here are some tips to make the day go smoothly.


1. Pack ahead of time! 

Taking your time and having a plan for staging boxes will make the official moving day a lot less stressful. Be sure not to pack any daily necessities including medications, toiletries, and any valuables. While there are plastic tubs and bins that have handles and double as an organized long-term storage option, cardboard boxes are still the most affordable and easy to acquire. Ask around local stores for boxes and bubble wrap, they sometimes have packing material for free.  Ask us! We sometimes have clients who are just finishing a move and are eager to get the boxes out of their way. Linens, towels, and stuffed animals are also a great alternative for bubble wrap!


While packing boxes, keep in mind the size and weight of each. Small to medium boxes are ideal for more weight because you can easily grip them while moving. Items such as books and dinnerware pack well in the smaller box sizes. Larger boxes are ideal for many lighter objects such as pillows, clothes, and small decor. 


2. Have a moving truck rental reserved for a hassle-free pick-up. 

Moving trucks are immensely helpful for moving so you can fit more in each trip, and for large items such as your bed, couch, or dining sets. Companies like U-Haul and Budget offer different sized trailers and trucks depending on your needs. Reserving ahead of time online or in person saves a lot of time and stress on the day of pick-up. Even better, The Wells Group offers a free moving truck for clients to make the special day seamless!

The Wells Group, free moving truck for clients

3. Hire a team of professional movers or some friends to offer extra hands. 

Back injuries are no joke and can be avoided by using proper lifting techniques and teamwork. Remember to use your legs to lift, carry objects close to your body, and know your limits. With the extra help, moving large and awkward objects such as a mattress or couch will be more efficient and safe. Dollies are an excellent tool to have as well. 


Hiring a team of movers can expedite the process and save a lot of your time and energy. Some services will even help you pack. Do note that there are some items that a moving company may not be able to move for you including flammable liquids, plants, and pets. It’s not uncommon for moving companies to charge by weight. Don’t forget to take pictures and inventory items as you go for insurance purposes if something were to break or get lost in transit.

We hope these tips help create a successful moving day. Please reach out to our team to see how we can assist with your new journey!


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