Digital Real Estate

Digital Real Estate

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. This includes all aspects of real estate from purchasing to selling and homeownership. Technology allows clients and their brokers to communicate more quickly, and clients have access to lots of information for their home search.


Photography, Videography, Drone

Professional photography has become a necessity in the real estate world - and not just for broker headshots! Capturing the property and highlighting it in an accurate and desirable way is a very important part of marketing the property. Utilizing drone photography and videos allow for a different perspective and is used more often when the property is large, showcases views, or when an aerial is needed to highlight the approximate property lines. 


Videography has also become a necessity in real estate advertising, particularly during the Covid years when many buyers were purchasing homes from afar. It is also beneficial for social media purposes. While professional videography can be a key aspect, cell phone cameras also allow for high quality imagery that can allow buyers to view a home from out of the area. FaceTime, Skype, Google Meet, and other similar video chat options also allow for virtual tours between Realtors and clients. 


3D Tours & Virtual Staging

3D Tours that are stitched together pictures provide a home model that you can explore online. This presents a real representation of the home to view that can be “walked through” or seen in video form. The Durango Team uses Matterport 3D Tours for our listings which adds to the marketing package and exposure of the home.

3D Matterport Home Tour

Staging can be done in person which is a value add, especially when a home is vacant. Adding in furniture and decor can help potential home buyers better visualize the space for their own use. Virtual staging can also be done which can be helpful for the pictures, but of course can’t be seen while physically touring the home. Virtual staging is sometimes used for new construction properties as they are still being built. These artistic renderings consist of the actual dimensions and finishes that the builder is offering so that buyers can see the finished product. 


MLS, Websites, Third Party Real Estate Sites

The Multiple Listing Services (MLS) was once a printed book that allowed brokers to compile and share their listings with buyers and each other. These books were only published every few weeks, meaning the data wasn’t always up to date. Now, the online MLS system allows Realtors to see real time updates on available properties as well as pending and sold listings which can be used for comps.


Choosing a Realtor that best fits your needs is an important part of the home buying or selling process as well and researching the options is aided by a professional website showcasing the Broker and their services. These websites generally give an overview of the office, biography on the Realtor, area listings, and community engagement. Some go into more depth offering area information, testimonials, blogs, and more homeownership resources.


The real estate industry also has corporate players such as Zillow,, Trulia, and Homesnap that reach national and international audiences. While these sites are frequently visited, our MLS is integrated as a third party so we can add our information as the listing brokers. Unfortunately, we have little control over some of the information that they offer. 


According to the National Association of REALTORSⓇ 2020 study, 97% of homebuyers used the internet, including all of the aforementioned, in their home search. This goes to show exactly how important photos, videos, tours, and social media are in the buying and selling processes. If you would like more information or how our services integrate these practices, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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