Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is a great time to declutter, deep clean, and refresh your home from the winter months. Going into summer with a clean and organized house relieves stress so you can enjoy the warm weather. Here are our spring cleaning recommendations.



Start in the kitchen by deep cleaning the refrigerator, sink, oven, microwave, and other commonly used appliances. Sort through the pantry and clean the cabinets themselves, wash reusable shopping bags, and don’t forget to go through the junk drawer! In the living room, vacuum soft furniture, reorganize bookshelves and tables, and wet vacuum or get your rugs and carpet professionally cleaned. Bathrooms can collect items from cosmetics to germs, so sort through old and unused items and finish by scrubbing down the shower, toilet, sink, and floor. In the bedroom, start by going through unwanted items, especially in the closet. Wash sheets and bulky bedding, storing what’s not needed for the summer months. Finish the inside by sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the fans, and washing the insides of the windows.



Start outside spring cleaning with clearing out the gutters. Leaves mixed with snow and ice can cause build ups that will clog the rain spouts. Sweep patios and decks while hosing off outdoor mats. Wipe down outdoor furniture and wash the outside of all windows. Time to tackle the garage! If you find that you need additional storage, look into adding these space saving storage sheds in your backyard


At the end of your cleaning, complete the cycle by washing all cleaning tools like brooms, buckets, and vacuums so that they’re ready for next time. There are other items to attend to during spring cleaning including roof inspections, HVAC systems, and more. Please let us know if you have any questions or need a referral for a contractor, inspector, or cleaning company.

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